LOT 2 – Grangeburn Secret Weapon (P) (ET)

ZEUPS030 – HETERO POLLED - 100/100 – BORN 11/4/21


Double Bar D Maestro

Anchor D Viper

PRL Lopez

JB CDN Wind Walker

JB CDN Annifried

JB CDN Jovita


Another absolute cracker jack bull that I should not be selling, should not. Stud sire written all over him with impeccable foot structure and unmet power in the group. He has probably the largest middle of any bull we’ve ever produced, directly inherited from his donor dam JB CDN Annifried. His full flush brother was due to be retained however a fight amongst the group resulted in a leg fracture which was unsalvageable. We’ve committed to selling the best, here he is. Semen to be retained for in herd use only.
  CE DIR  BW  200WT  400WT  600WT  RIB  RUMP  EMA  MILK  RBY 
EBV    -1.0  +14  +20  +30  -0.5  -0.9  +4.3    +1.4 
Acc    61%  54%  57%  61%  39%  38%  37%    38% 
Avg  +2.7  +0.6  +20  +37  +46  +0.5  +0.2  +2.5  +8  +0.4