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Simmental Genetics

To secure some of these leading genetics keep an eye out for Grangeburn’s upcoming offering of Simmental bulls for sale as well as SimAngus bulls for sale.

The Grangeburn cattle undergo stringent criteria that is either mandatory or preferred. This ensures enterprises using Simmental cattle take full benefit of the advantages Simmental cattle provide whilst reducing the disadvantages. Due to Brodhi’s work as a Veterinarian Grangeburn choose to select against any issues seen day to day during veterinary work in the beef cattle industry.

Selection criteria include but are not limited to:

Structurally Correct

Excellent foot and skeletal structure ensure longevity, which is a key profit driver in herds Australia-wide, deviations from ideal are culled from the herd.

Curve-bending Calving Ease with High Growth

More weight is more money in your pocket sooner, especially when crossbreeding.

Optimum Temperament

Moderate Frame (Southern Markets) & Larger Frame (Northern Markets)

Adaptable to varied terrain with increased frame size allowing for serving larger framed Bos indicus-based females in northern enterprises.

Heavily Pigmented & Slick Coats

No eye cancers and heat resistant animals who perform in all conditions.


Less labour dehorning and no carcass damage from horns. Grangeburn strive for this but it is not essential as we will not sacrifice quality.

Reproductive efficiency

Grangeburn females must calve every year or they’re culled.

Do-ability in all Environments

Wet or dry, the cattle will perform with fat coverage for drier times.

Cow Families

Selection of repeatable and predictable females means that a consistent product is produced in good and bad seasons, there are no passengers here.

Performance recorded & genomic tested

Every Grangeburn animal born will have at a minimum 12 traits measured and recorded by 2 years old. This allows selection of animals that don’t just look good on the outside, but on the inside too.


These criteria allow Grangeburn to develop and mix genetics to create a product that fits many operations.

Progeny can then be marketed for vealer or weaner markets in the south with a Coles or Greenhams contract, or weaner, Jap Ox or bullock producers in the north or to meet JBS grass-fed or grain-fed programs.

Grangeburn Type

Slick, Solid Coated & Pigmented
Quiet Temperament
Natural Muscled Carcass with Fat Cover

Grangeburn Current Genetic Influences

Walking Sires

AI Sires


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